Logs 3-Feb-2011

13224.1 USB 0008z: Pipeline wkg Waverider 07 and requests they kick green, followed by ANDVT bursts. Pipeline then informs Waverider 07 no joy in the green and advises station that gator is up.

6673 USB 0257z: Baton 81 clg San Francisco several times w/ no joy.

6212 USB 1323z: Private vessels w/ casual chit chat. One of them commented on leaving San Carlos back in November.

6765.1 USB 1328z: Bangkok Meteorological Radio w/ weather broadcast in Thai language, followed by musical note.

6532 USB 1337z: New Zealand 90 wkg San Francisco. Selcal check on CPGJ. Boeing 777-200. ZK-OKB. Tokyo to Auckland.

11175 USB 1713z: Perk 50 (sound like) wkg McClellan for HF radio check.

11175 USB 1715z: Skull 41 clg Mainsail for radio check.

11175 USB 1719z: Husker 16 wkg Offutt for current message traffic. Offutt passes message containing phonetic letters and numbers.

11175 USB 1810z: Foxtail Ground Radio Maintenance clg any aircraft or station for HF radio check.

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