Logs 3-Mar-2010

8912 USB 1748z: CG 1702 wkg CAMSPAC asks if they had any luck contacting “40” or “28”. CAMSPAC advises that “28” is confirmed down and do not have comms with “40” but does know they have refueled and are en route back to crash scene.

7527 USB 1816z: CG 1702 reports to CAMSPAC they are diverted to SAR case and double checks coordinates of 40.3078N 111.0154W for the crash site. CG 1702 also informs CAMSPAC they do not have any SAR gear available as they are filled with cargo.

7527 USB 1855z: ALE link between TSC and AYV, then Service Center wkg USCGC Fir for radio check.

5732 USB 1901z: CAMSPAC clg CG 1702 for ops and position. CG 1702 reports 43.13N 112.25W, heading 159 and will be on scene in 40 mins.

7527 USB 1946z: Rescue 1713 reports to CAMSPAC they are airborne from air station Sacramento w/ 07 POB en route to Salt Lake City for search and rescue.

12222 USB 2210z: November 08 wkg CAMSLANT reports on final to home plate.

18594 USB 2223z: 24C informs Panther flight ops normal, on short final and will advise when they are airborne again.

5732 USB 2226z: CAMSPAC wkg Juliet 14 for flight ops report.

11494 USB 2321z: CG 1720 advises CAMSLANT on deck at homeplate air station Clearwater and to secure their guard.

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