Logs 3-Mar-2023

8903 USB 0934Z: Tokyo Radio requesting position report from Trek 70.  

8903 USB 0923Z: Jeju 3101 wkg Tokyo Radio with position report. Boeing 737-800 operated by Jeju Air en-route from Guam to Incheon-South Korea.  

8903 USB 1139Z: Jeju 2251 and Seoul Radio. Boeing 737-800 operated by Jeju Air en-route from Busan to Bangkok.  

8903 USB 1308: Philippine 116 wkg Manila Radio reporting CPDLC en-route from Manila to Vancouver. Gave registration number RP-C7775, a Boeing 777-300ER and requested selcal check on GQFK.  

8903 USB 1342Z: FedEx 5601 wkg Manila Radio. Boeing 777-200LR from Singapore to Honolulu.  

8903 USB 1426Z: Philippine 102 wkg Manila Radio for selcal check. Boeing 777-300ER from Manila to Los Angeles.  

8903 USB 1431Z: T-Way 9139 wkg Manila Radio with position and selcal check on DJFS. Boeing 737 operated by T’Way Airlines en-route from Seoul to Kalibo Philippines.  


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