Logs 31-Jul-2010

8906 USB 0415z: New York wkg Speedbird 34N; requests they attempt to raise Air Azores 220 (RZO220) on VHF guard and have them come up on 8906 for New York Radio.

5550 USB 0424z: United 990 wkg New York. Boeing 767-300. Washington Dulles to Accra, Ghana.

5550 USB 0425z: Starway 017 wkg New York. Selcal QRAS. Airbus A330-200 operated by XL Airways France. F-GSEU. Cancun to Paris.

5574 USB 0434z: N6D wkg San Francisco. Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express.

8891 USB 0701z: North American 7030 wkg Gander. Selcal KQHJ. Boeing 767-300. N767NA. Leipzig to Dallas

5547 USB 0708z: San Francisco wkg Reach 0466 w/ clearance to FL340. Lockheed C-5A Galaxy. 70-0466.

5643 USB 0823z: EJM949 wkg San Francisco. Selcal KREL. Gulfstream G550. N94924. Tahiti to San Francisco.

6676 USB 1313z: Bangkok volmet.

6650 LSB 1315z: Unid Spanish language w/ males reading numbers.

6676 USB 1323z: Singapore volmet.

6679 USB 1324z: Auckland volmet.

8726 USB 1326z: Delta Bravo wkg unid station. Formal sounding traffic. Asian accented English.

8743 USB 1353z: Bangkok Meteorological Radio weather forecast and sign off followed by musical notes.

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