Logs 4-Mar-2023

7473.5 USB 0231Z: 8FS, 8FB and 8MJ with comms about sending data messages. Probable MARS net.  

7656 USB 0210Z: Civil Air Patrol stations Fast Runner 20 confirming message receipt from Yellow Brick 92. Fast Runner 20 also with Sourdough 44 confirming “precedence priority” message #24 from NHQ/DOKO to Firebrand groups 7. Message text read phonetically: W3U RST VCD MSW IUZ 6UB TXA.  

17904 USB 0249Z: San Francisco taking voice report from Bora 91 – who were in the block from FL240 to FL260 with Durka Flight. San Francisco gave secondary frequency of 21985.  


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