Logs 7-Aug-2011

5643 USB 1244z: Pacific 811 wkg San Francisco Radio reporting they are maintaining FL360. Boeing 747-400 from Los Angeles to Nadi.

5643 USB 1245z: Tahiti 8 wkg San Francisco Radio. Selcal BMDR. Airbus A340-300 operated by Air Tahiti Nui en route from Tahiti to Los Angeles.  

5643 USB 1246z: Hawaiian 482 wkg Tahiti Radio with position report. Boeing 767-300 from Tahiti to Honolulu.  

8107 USB 0809z: Australian fishermen talking about New Zealand. Station also dropped several f-bombs.  

8284.5 USB 0627z: Unid station w/ open microphone and playing music.  

8840 USB 0355z: Shrimp fishermen w/ southern USA accents.

8891 USB 0725z: Gander Radio wkg El Al 008. Boeing 747-400 from New York to Tel Aviv.  

9031 USB 0958z: Foxtrot Whiskey clg Whiskey and pass traffic regarding 1000 zulu air defense sitrep.  

11523 USB 0540z: Spanish language V07 numbers station w/ 5 figure groups read by female voice. Message began with “845”  

12283 USB 0331z: unIDed Japanese OMs playing music and singing over the radio.  

13423 USB 0525z: Spanish language V07 numbers station in progress w/ female giving 5 figure groups and sign off with 000 000.  


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