Logs 7-May-2011

5634 USB 0312z: Tana Radio wkg unheard aircraft. Very weak signals.

5634 USB 0314z: Singapore 478 wkg unheard station said they will switch to 3476. Boeing 777-200 from Singapore to Johannesburg.

5883 AM 0713z: Cuban numbers station V02a in progress with 5 figure groups. Received in LSB due to interference from adjacent SWL broadcast station.  

6640 USB 0450z: Hawaiian 18 wkg Medlink regarding 2 passengers with medical issues. Airbus A330-200 from Honolulu to Las Vegas.

8983 USB 1701z: CAMSPAC Pt Reyes wkg Juliet 16 and assumes their guard. Stations QSY’ed to 5 megs for radio check.  

9031 USB 2008z: US Navy air defense net w/ Foxtrot Charlie wkg Whiskey and Hotel to confirm receipt of 2000z air defense sitrep. Activity related to USS John C. Stennis COMPTUEX off Southern California.

10024 USB 0810z: Lan Chile 600 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300 from Lima to Los Angeles.  

11309 USB 0426z: Lan Peru 2706 wkg New York. Boeing 767-300 from Lima to Madrid.

11342 USB 1848z: Hawaiian 3 wkg San Francisco ARINC for phone patch to Hawaiian Airlines dispatch regarding a maintenance issue. Airbus A330-200 from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

13261 USB 0254z: unIDed aero station giving unknown aircraft HF frequencies of 6553 and 8846 secondary.

13261 USB 0328z: unIDed YL operator (possibly Tahiti Radio) wkg aircraft in French language.

13261 USB 0545z: Qantas 93 wkg San Francisco. Selcal MQGS. Boeing 747-400. VH-OEH. Melbourne to Los Angeles.

13261 USB 0546z: Air Canada 034 wkg San Francisco. Selcal checked ARHM. Boeing 777-200LR. C-FIVK. Sydney to Vancouver.  

13261 USB 0549z: United 870 wkg Brisbane. Selcal checked GHAP. Boeing 747-400. N105UA. Sydney to San Francisco.

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