Mexican Military Comms on HF

Mexican Air Force – A fellow from the RadioReference forums reports a clear voice Mexican military HF net on 8146 kHz. Some of the callsigns include: Gamma 10, Gamma 20, Alpha Fox Alpha, Lima India Lima and other stations. Based on traffic received, the aircraft are in the northern areas of Mexico. I decided to tune the frequency and caught some radio traffic loud and clear from my location.  

Mexican Navy – The other night I happened to stumble across formal sounding traffic on 5740 and 5745 kHz in USB clear voice. This appears to be the Mexican Navy based on callsigns monitored. One of the stations identifies as Papa Oscar 152, which according to Wikipedia, is the ARM Sonora. PO-152 is a Durango class oceanic patrol vessel in the Mexican Navy with a main 4 inch turret and a helicopter landing pad and is primarily used to fight drug cartels.  


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