260.725 CONUS: Mighty 11 and Mighty 13 calling for radio check on CONR-2.  


260.725 CONR-2 UHF Satcom Net: Tuff 41 and Tuff 42 with radio checks.  


The past couple days I have logged clear voice comms from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane on 265.250 MHz.

USCGC Cutter Harriet Lane calling for radio checks.  

USCG Cutter Harriet Lane in comms w/ USCG Cutter Thetis.  

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Logs 28-Mar-2018

4820 USB 0241: RIC sounding in ALE

5720.5 USB 0159: BOP clg KM2 in ALE

6766.5 USB 0243: SHK clg SP1 in ALE

6981 USB 0147: 61WAXDVA sounding in ALE

260.725 CONUS: Chill 33 calling Red River for a radio check.  


265.250 CONUS: Coast Guard 1718 calling “JIATF South” in the red.  

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Logs 27-Mar-2018

6572 USB 1219: VC01 Chinese robot station w/ robotic voice rapidly reading numbers in Chinese language.

6673 USB 0142: Navy Whiskey 21 wkg San Francisco reporting good line-of-sight comms w/ LA Center on 132.150.  

8884 USB 1226: Unid aircraft in Russian language wkg unheard station.  

8893 USB 1427: Unid OMs in unknown Asian sounding language.  

Logs 16-Mar-2018

4146 USB 0333: Unid males talking about vehicle repairs. One guy was asking the other station if he could pick up a couple of belts. He mentioned a Honda dealer on 1st Avenue. 

4484 USB 0330: R7P with EAM message of 30 characters.  

4724 USB 0528: Chill 52 clg Skymaster and passing one message of 4 groups to Competent and informs that Doom is trying message traffic on 11175. Hall 72 comes up with message X6VK to Competent.  

4724 USB 0820: Reynolds with EAM messages BMBMFN, BMMGUX and by standing by for traffic.  

4724 USB 0827: Sumo 21 clg Mainsail requesting phone patch. Sumo 21 calls again, Hickam answers and informs they are “simulated destroyed” and to pass real-world traffic.

4727 USB 0839: Chill 51 clg Chill 52 for radio check.  

4738 USB 1338: VC01 Chinese robot station.

4848 USB 0322: 7HO with EAM message.

4937 USB 0410: C6D with EAM message.  

4979 USB 0445: 6Y8M5 sounding in ALE.

5154 USB 0510: Hawaiian Warrior with 30 character EAM message.  

7501 USB 0521: 5EW with EAM message of 30 characters.  

8992 USB 0555: Competent clg Fire Brat for comms check.  

Logs 7-Mar-2018

5555 USB 0633: Dom (sound like) clg Black Box multiple times.  

That’s right! After a couple year hiatus, solarix.net is coming back with new updates. I have already reconnected the HF gear, and the UHF satcom equipment will be coming online any day now. Look forward to more logs and recordings very soon!

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