265.250 Bandit 07

250.250 CONUS: 401 net activity w/ Bandit 07 calling JIATF South.  

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260.725 Icer 01

260.725 CONUS: Icer 01 on CONR-2 satcom net calling Red River.  


Logs 1-Aug-2018

6739 USB 0214: Air Force 2 calling Offutt for HF radio check.  

Logs 4-Aug-2018

5732 USB 0855: UHC wkg Zulu 19 reporting at position 26-17.9N 096-08.5W at 6.5 knots.  

7527 USB 1554: A8K conducting test counts. Station was noted earlier using voice call Omaha 8KB.  

12222 USB 1820: Coast Guard 2709 wkg CommCom reporting on a logistics flight from Navy North Island to McChord AFB.  

14582 USB 1703: TGT conducting radio check with Z19 in USB voice.  

6900 LSB 0201: Males in Spanish language. Sounded like ham radio operators based on radio procedures. Operator gave mention to an email address of [email protected]  

6980 USB 0151: Fishemen w/ XXX language.

10242 USB: Lobo Ops clg Lobo 61 and giving them heads up about weather watch.  

18594 USB 2354: Omaha 31SK clg Condor 100 and gives position report but too weak to copy.  

265.250 CONUS: Omaha 6MR calling Razorback multiple times on uniform.  

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One from the archive. 260.375 with Pat 12 clg Freedom Ops.  


6703.4 USB 0415: Unid stations in ANDVT comms.

6990 USB 0407: Fishermen talking about UFOs off San Diego and about a strange light they spotted in the sky on a previous trip. These guys have been operating on this frequency all week.  

8933 USB 0339: American 161 in phone patch via San Francisco ARINC to Medlink doctor w/ discussion about ill child on the flight. Airbus A321 from Los Angeles to Maui.  

12222 USB 0132: Omaha 92F checking in with Hammer reporting over Lake Huron and asking if they had them on sat-track.  

6980 LSB 0346: Halcón (sound like) wkg Yankee in Spanish language with ops report. Also noted same aircraft Halcón calling station Bahía several times.  

13224 USB 0545: Charlie Zulu wkg Stone, Blue Ribbon and Crystal, however comms very weak here. Activity related to RIMPAC 2018 exercise.  

13224 USB 0619: Blue Star (sound like) clg Charlie Zulu for radio check. Heavy feedback from another station noted making for difficult copy. Activity seems to be related to RIMPAC 2018.  

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