Logs 12-Apr-2018

5757 USB 0247: US military interplane traffic from “Spoof” and “Flow” (sound like) talking about engagements, launching missiles, routing and approaches.  

5757 USB 0255: US military interplane traffic with “Webster” and “Filter” with casual chit chat.  

8021 USB 0232: Fishermen with southern US accents.

11215.5 USB 0205: Thug 11 and Thug 21 in comms w/ Belltown.  

Logs 6-Apr-2018

5831 USB 1542: Olympus clg Medusa radio check.  

5831 USB 1727: War Hammer calling Miser (sound like) for radio check.  

5831 USB 2126: Chiefs Den calling Icepack for radio check.  

5831 USB 2359: Icepack wkg Land Shark with comm checks, later requested another radio check in CT then both stations into ANDVT traffic.  

251.850 CONUS: Unid aircraft “21” conducting radio check with another station.  


260.725 CONUS: Clear comms on CONR2 from Mighty 41 clg Red River for radio check.  


261.575 CONUS: Vegas 91 calling Jolly Ops for satcom check.  


268.150 Seaslug

268.150 active with clear voice from “Seaslug” calling “Foxtrot” on channel 37.  


260.725 CONUS: Mighty 11 and Mighty 13 calling for radio check on CONR-2.  


260.725 CONR-2 UHF Satcom Net: Tuff 41 and Tuff 42 with radio checks.  


The past couple days I have logged clear voice comms from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane on 265.250 MHz.

USCGC Cutter Harriet Lane calling for radio checks.  

USCG Cutter Harriet Lane in comms w/ USCG Cutter Thetis.  

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Logs 28-Mar-2018

4820 USB 0241: RIC sounding in ALE

5720.5 USB 0159: BOP clg KM2 in ALE

6766.5 USB 0243: SHK clg SP1 in ALE

6981 USB 0147: 61WAXDVA sounding in ALE

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