Seoul Radio on 10072 kHz

The past few mornings I have been hearing aero comms on 10072 kHz in USB mode between Seoul Radio and various South Korea based airlines. Today I logged Asiana 105, Asiana 733 and Jeju Airlines 2201 all wkg Seoul Radio. Did some checking on Google and discovered a few other published frequencies that include: 4687, 13333, 17916 and 21970 kHz. I will certainly keep an eye on these frequencies and report my findings.

Listen to the audio 



  1. Rob’s avatar

    I’m listening to an Australian SDR site and saw some activity on the spectrum on 10072 so tuned across (1040z). Heard Seoul Radio working T’Way 301 (TWB301) loud and clear. Flight is from Korea to Guam.

    I’ve heard Seoul on 8903 before (along with Tokyo and Manila) around the same timings so they use that freq as well.



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