Spring 2010 IceBridge Campaign

Back in March I ran across some comms between NASA 817 and Gander Radio on 8891 kHz. The NASA callsign sparked my interest, along with the fact this aircraft was flying at 1,500ft over the north pole, so I headed to Google and learned NASA 817 was a McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70 taking part in the the Spring 2010 IceBridge Mission. To learn more about IceBridge 2010 see the following links.

NASA – IceBridge – Spring 2010 Greenland
NASA Heads to Arctic to Measure Ice : Discovery News
NASA – Airborne Science Program – DC-8

Thankfully my recorder was operational, so I’m making the audio available for your listening pleasure. Pretty exciting to catch this aircraft during a totally random monitoring session just before local sunrise.

Listen to audio clip 


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