US Military Warning to Pirates on 260.625

Caught this today on 260.625. US Military station giving a stern warning to those pesky Brazilian satcom pirates to stay off the channel. They gave message in English and Spanish. As expected, the pirate stations did not comply to the request.  

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  1. Simon’s avatar

    He he he! I thought they build and used TacSat-4 to pin-point the “bad guys” and than strick back. Its pretty weak to just push the PTT button a million times. 🙂

    – Simon


  2. Steve’s avatar

    Don’t Brazilians speak Portuguese?


  3. Simon’s avatar

    Yes they do! I think it was a desperate attempt to stop them. 🙂


  4. Juan gustavo’s avatar

    Good listend very good document
    bye from gran canaria



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