V24 Korean Numbers Station

This morning I logged a Korean language numbers station on 6730 kHz in AM mode. Searching online it was found this is V24 and is believed to transmit from South Korea. Here is an audio clip of the transmission as heard from my location in Southern California.

More information about the V24 Korean numbers station can be found here.

Listen to the audio 



  1. Token’s avatar

    I suspect you have a typo here, and that you mean the frequency was 6730 kHz, not 6709 kHz.

    What time frame was this transmission? That day there were four V24 transmissions (and one related M94). Two of the V24 transmissions were on 6730 kHz, one starting at 1330 UTC and the other starting at 1600 UTC. The two other V24 transmissions were one on 5715 kHz starting at 1200 UTC and another on 6330 kHz starting at 1530 UTC.

    Mohave Desert, California, USA


  2. Brandon’s avatar

    Hey Token: You are right I made a typo. Thanks for making me aware of it and I have since fixed the error. To answer your question it was ~1330 UTC.


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    this is a north korean song playing in the beginning.. chorus is saying something like “nice to meet you”….

    the numbers, lot of 5 digit figure numbers. 17426, 78765, 58416. and ends with “that is it (ee sang im nee da)”. But they usually say ee sang im nee da in military….

    the accent women is reading seems to be Seoul accent with a bit of flat tones (maybe due to electronic de-naturalization process), but it does seem like a north korean person is speaking in seoul accent (being native korean speaker, I can instantly pick out regional dialects on slightest changes in tone and rhythm.

    The changes in tone could also be to make it easier for the listener. The numbers being called out are 5 digits.

    For example “17426”. “il-man-chil-chun (17,000) ” is read in a distinguished flat tone followed another flat tone “sa-baek (400)”, and ending with regular “yi-sip-yook (26)”. I found it very easy to listen to these numbers being called out.

    I’m sure there’s thousands of north korean agents tuning into these stations….


  4. Token’s avatar

    someguy, all of the music that has been identified so far has been confirmed to be North Korean in origin. However, the station is still believed to be in South Korea.

    The name of the song in this transmission is “Pleased to Meet You”, or “Pangapsumnida”. Different songs are used in different messages, about a dozen total songs are in current usage by V24.

    The description you have given of the numbers is correct for the first half of the transmission, the 17,000, 400, 26 for 17426. For the second half the format changes slightly, 17426 becomes 17, 400, 26. But the numbers groups are the same for the first and second halves of the message, just said differently.



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