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263.675 Omaha 5MR

Omaha 5MR calling JIATF South on 401 net in the clear voice.  

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261.575 Bearcat 25

261.575 CONUS: Bearcat 25 clg Eagle Assault Zulu on “Sat 71” in clear voice.  


261.575 CONUS: Bay Raider 42 making call to “Lightning” with no response heard.  


260.725 Franchise

260.725 CONUS: Franchise calling any station on CONR-2 for radio check.  


Bay Raider 42 (sound like) calling Newcastle and Diplomat on channel 71. Also had brief voice comms from “30” calling Diplomacy Forward.  


261.575 CONUS: Warthog X-ray conducting comms check. No responses were heard.  


261.575 Raven 1

Raven 1 and 4 conducting radio checks on UHF SATCOM freq 261.575 MHz.  


261.575 Clear voice satcom with Blackhawk 043 clg Nighthawk X-ray.  


Coast Guard 1704 calling JIATFS on 401 net in clear voice.  

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Helicopter activity was monitored recently on 261.575. Here is a good amount of clear comms from several players including Wolfpack 6, Nighthawk 6, Ranger 6 and Wolfpack Main.

Listen to audio here: Part 1   and Part 2  


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