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Strange happenings on 268.350. Distorted sounding voice. Russian?  

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Lately I have been hearing Russian traffic on 256.950 and a few other freqs. Occasional test counts and lots of “priyoms” and some broken English.  

This time I thought it sounded like a Chinese station on 256.950?  

Continuing to hear activity just about every day now. Here is some broken sounding English from the station.  

I also heard the same guy on 263.625.  

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Open microphones with music playing was heard over the Pacific satcom.

253.650 was active with Chinese or Asian sounding karaoke music.  

257.050 open carrier and music playing in background.  

262.275 Occasional music. Have logged Russian pirates here in the past.  

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Music being transmitted via the Pacific Ocean satellite on 258.450.  

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Received a strange message in Spanish on 251.275 MHz coming from an unknown satellite in the CONUS slot.  

I was told by henrygb on RadioReference.com forums that the message says:

Hi, I’m Julio Domingo , I want to share good news for Argentina , I want to report that the Chamber of Deputies of the nation which I reside approved local law sovereign payments sent by President Cristina Fernandez of Kitchner.

I guess we’ll mark this one in the oddball column of the log.


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LOL! Some guy just let out a “Dirka Dirka” to the Brazilian satcom pirates on 262.125 MHz.  

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257.150 Siren Noise

Weird siren monitored recently on 257.150 — Brief voice in unknown language and he mentions satcom.  

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Logged a couple stations using voice inversion on 258.650. Here is the recovered audio. If anyone is able to provide translation please post in the comments. Thanks!  

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Chanters Revisited

Those odd chanting stations were monitored late this afternoon on 26225 kHz USB. Usually a bunch of stations join in and chant some word over and over for about 10-20 seconds. Quite similar to the odd activity that is often heard on 7000 kHz LSB and 11425 kHz USB. It is suspected that the comms on 7000 and 11425 may originate from Indonesia. However the activity on 26225 kHz activity remains a mystery for now.

Listen to the audio 



Oddity on 262.275

Strange activity on 262.275 (Pacific Ocean Region) with a male in unknown language. He even tops it off with an evil sounding laugh.  

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