6900 LSB 0201: Males in Spanish language. Sounded like ham radio operators based on radio procedures. Operator gave mention to an email address of [email protected]  

6980 USB 0151: Fishemen w/ XXX language.

10242 USB: Lobo Ops clg Lobo 61 and giving them heads up about weather watch.  

18594 USB 2354: Omaha 31SK clg Condor 100 and gives position report but too weak to copy.  

265.250 CONUS: Omaha 6MR calling Razorback multiple times on uniform.  

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One from the archive. 260.375 with Pat 12 clg Freedom Ops.  


6703.4 USB 0415: Unid stations in ANDVT comms.

6990 USB 0407: Fishermen talking about UFOs off San Diego and about a strange light they spotted in the sky on a previous trip. These guys have been operating on this frequency all week.  

8933 USB 0339: American 161 in phone patch via San Francisco ARINC to Medlink doctor w/ discussion about ill child on the flight. Airbus A321 from Los Angeles to Maui.  

12222 USB 0132: Omaha 92F checking in with Hammer reporting over Lake Huron and asking if they had them on sat-track.  

6980 LSB 0346: Halcón (sound like) wkg Yankee in Spanish language with ops report. Also noted same aircraft Halcón calling station Bahía several times.  

13224 USB 0545: Charlie Zulu wkg Stone, Blue Ribbon and Crystal, however comms very weak here. Activity related to RIMPAC 2018 exercise.  

13224 USB 0619: Blue Star (sound like) clg Charlie Zulu for radio check. Heavy feedback from another station noted making for difficult copy. Activity seems to be related to RIMPAC 2018.  

11212.4 USB 2002: US Navy tracking net w/ Papa Whiskey passing current sitrep to Whiskey.  

11188.4 USB 1616: Habitat clg any station for radio check.  

14582 USB 0211: Parkhill encrypted comms followed by clear voice w/ Omaha 465 clg Service Center advising they were Mickey Mouse on key 5 and requests Service Center to give them a re-key.  

261.575 CONUS: Guard Aircraft 1454 calling Deer Hunter for radio check.  


260.725 CONUS: Doom 72 calling on CONR-2 for radio checks.  


260.725 CONUS: Blue Crab (NORAD, Tyndall AFB) calling multiple times for radio checks on CONR-2 satcom net. Signal was weak and muffled.  


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