263.925 CONUS: B-52 activity in clear voice!!! Skull 01, Red River, Mojo – passing status updates, tasking details and coordinating weapons de-confliction. Such a rare treat to catch this activity coming across UHF SATCOM in 2023 🙂


266.750 Águila

Radio testing from Águila attempting comms with Puma on #satcom 266.750 MHz. I think these might be Colombian military units.

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265.250 King 69

265.250 CONUS: King 69 calling Tattoo Ops (sound like) on UHF satcom.


The past few days I have logged an accented station testing voice and DTMF tones on 252.150 and 251.850 MHz. Here is a brief recording. The operator sounds like he is identifying as “November Alpha 12345” along with some Brazilian stations mixed in – unknown if related.

Same individual was also noted using voice inversion on 251.850 MHz. Here is a recording of the voice inversion, along with the recovered audio.

Here is the scrambled traffic noted on 251.850 MHz.

Recovered audio from the transmission above. Definitely sounds like the same guy as 252.150 MHz.

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251.850 Jackal 13

Brief clear comms from Jackal 13 calling Jackal 14 on satcom 251.850 MHz.


U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Richard Dixon attempting contact with Sector San Juan (Puerto Rico) monitored via 401 net.

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262.125 Chinook 789

Chinook 789 calling Spear Ops on UHF #satcom voice in the red.


Logs 13-Aug-2023

8993 USB 0905Z: FSS Tosiwo Nakayama “V6TN” calling another station for radio check. This callsign comes back to a law enforcement patrol vessel out of the Federated States of Micronesia.  

Logs 11-Aug-2023

8992 USB 1247Z: Sumo 25 clg Mainsail for radio check.  

11282 USB 1710Z: Torch 00 clg San Francisco Oceanic with BAART position estimate.  

11282 USB 1912Z: Crush 13 wkg San Francisco Radio with position FOOTS at 1909, FL220, estimates FLITY at 2029 and FIZEL next.  

11282 USB 2102Z: Decee 80 wkg San Francisco Radio with position HEMLO at 2102, FL280, HEKAB at 2155 and 39N 140W next. Selcal checked KMRS.  

11282 USB 2253Z: SAM 588 reporting level 340 and CPDLC to San Francisco Radio.  

Caught a bunch of radio checks from Aircraft 915 and Aircraft 746.


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