Bull 08 calling JIATFS on the 401 net (265.250 MHz) for a radio check.

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Suspected US military stations Hammer 16 and Hammer 11 conducting radio checks on CONUS satcom 252.150. Their signals were super weak for me, but I could make out one of them reporting at checkpoint Budweiser. They seem to be able to hear each other just fine however.

Possible related traffic on 253.850 as well, which was referred to as channel 3.


Kanto 88 clg any radio for comms check on AC1 SATCOM net (268.350) – This freq is quite busy on a daily basis with encrypted traffic.


8903 USB 1335Z: T-way 191 wkg Seoul Radio with position report. Boeing 737-800 from Incheon to Da Nang Vietnam.  

8997 USB 1138Z: ANDVT traffic followed by DJ134 clg Homeplate for radio check in the red.  

11175 USB 0245Z: Foursome with EAM message JGS5OU.  

17907.1 LSB 0503Z: Fishermen in Spanish language.  

251.850 with a brief transmission from what sounded like Zoogie 81 calling Tanker Base for a radio check on Sat Bravo.


Nighthawk 45 clg Cactus for radio check on “Sat EA” (East Asia?) freq 260.575.


267.050 radio check from Grumman AA60 (sound like) via CONUS.


Wire 06 attempting contact with Wire 78 for radio check on 251.850 “Sat Bravo”


11098.5 USB 0520Z: MARS Comm conducting test count.  

13927 USB 1820Z: Aussie 559 attempt contact with MARS Radio but no joy.  

Clear voice on Pacific SATCOM freq 260.525 w/ Ironhorse Mobile conducting a comms check. I have logged “Iron Horse” quite regularly over the years on this frequency. Good to see it still active in 2023 🙂


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