251.850 CONUS: Very low audio from Mike 36 calling Bravo 77 on satcom.  


Coast Guard Cutter Thetis calling District 7 on 401 net in clear voice.  

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265.250 CONUS: Ping Pong (US Customs & Border Protection Surveillance Support Center in Corpus Christi, TX) calling JIATF South.  

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265.250 CONUS: Conan 25 calling Joint Interagency Task Force South.  

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261.575 CONUS: Blue Mag 06 (sounded like) calling Thunderbolt Fires.  


260.725 CONUS: B-52 Radio Maintenance calling any stations for VSAT ops check.  


261.575 CONUS: Hawk 11 calling Hawk Ops multiple times for radio check.  


Monitored a couple satcom freq with Spanish language comms.

260.725   and 268.150 stations with counts.  

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Logged a few calls on the 401 net freq 265.250 MHz in clear voice.

Coast Guard 2314 requesting radio check.  

Coast Guard 2710 calling JIATF South for radio check.  

Sheriff 67 with call to JIATF South.  

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Logs 13-Apr-2018

4125 USB 0601: USCG Comdet Kodiak with “pan-pan” urgent marine broadcast about the USCG receiving a 406 MHz EPIRB from the fishing vessel Cascade at position 52-23.7N 172-50.1W approximately 40nm east of Atka Island. Fishing vessel described as 48 feet in length with green hull and white pilot house.  

4125 USB 0604: USCG Cutter John Midgett clg F/V Cascade.  

4125 USB 0733: F/V Defender (WDB7740) calling F/V Cascade several times with no response heard.  

4125 USB 0936: USCG Comdet Kodiak advising all stations the USCG has made contact with the F/V Cascade and confirmed they are not in distress.  

6215 USB 0438: USCG Comdet Kodiak clg F/V Defender and F/V Aleutian Beauty.  

6640 USB 0350: Delta 1354 wkg San Francisco ARINC for phone patch to company dispatcher in regards to oil leak in engine. Flight discusses issue with mechanics and the decision is eventually made to continue onto LAX. Boeing 757 from Maui to Los Angeles.  

8291 USB 0444: USCG Comdet Kodiak calling F/V Cascade (callsign WDG3257) multiple times w/ no response heard.  

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