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Here are some high frequency audio recordings of radio traffic monitored after the Japan earthquake. Communications are in both Japanese and English.

5708 kHz USB Japanese Rescue aircraft. I believe the callsigns are Rescue 81 and Rescue 93. Talked about switching to frequency Papa 33 Sierra.  

6640 kHz USB Hawaiian 457 wkg Hawaiian Dispatch in regards to earthquake status and conditions are Haneda International Airport. The Hawaiian Airlines dispatcher gives the flight a prepared statement to read to passengers.  

6727 kHz USB Japan Maritime Self Defense Forces. Mostly weather for airports.  

6751 kHz USB Many flights giving position reports around Tokyo and other areas along the coastline. Aircraft were most likely conducting recon flights and assessing damage from the tsunami.  

6742 kHz USB This frequency had Japanese sounding aircraft and other related traffic. Also noticed some data bursts (or encryption) on a regular basis.  

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Hearing Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces on 6751 kHz in USB mode. Both aircraft and ground stations very loud here in California. One aircraft gave position of 36.59N 140.53E putting them near the tsunami zone. More activity from Japan SDF on 6727, 5690 and 5693 kHz USB all related to earthquake. Japanese SAR traffic has also been logged on 5680 kHz USB.

nickcarr in #wunclub reports 6742 kHz USB is another frequency with station wkg Japanese sounding aircraft and on 6773 kHz USB heard frantic comms with some screaming. Tokyo MWARA traffic has been monitored on 6655 kHz USB. Vambo from #wunclub reports 6640 kHz USB busy with phone patch traffic for airliner diversions.

Here in California this morning, we have activity from Air Force Rescue 212 on 5711 kHz USB wkg Moffett Rescue. They have also been in comms with CAMSPAC on 5696 kHz USB. Activity related to tsunami threat in western USA.

I will post more frequencies as they are found. More Japanese earthquake related HF frequencies can be found on the Milcom Monitoring Post blog and the RadioReference Wiki.

March 17 update: Just logged Coast Guard 1701 up with Sector Honolulu and CAMSPAC Pt Reyes on 5696 kHz USB. Flight departed Barbers Point and en route to Yokota Air Base, Japan. I am also hearing Japanese activity on 4736 kHz USB with both voice and data modes.

March 16 update: I am currently hearing Japanese comms on 9034 kHz USB. The format sounds related to the activity on 6742 kHz.

March 12 update: Reception starting to pick up into Japan. Hearing activity on 5680 and 5708 kHz USB at this moment. (0852Z)

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5690 JSDF Comms?

I have been hearing Japanese comms on 5690 USB lately. Last night I monitored what sounded like JJN6 wkg 1BM giving weather conditions for Nagasaki. I have also noticed that the stations occasionally exchange what sounds like RTTY data in between voice comms. The frequency can be heard from California most nights between 0800z and 1200z.

Listen to the audio 


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Logged the JMSDF on 6727 kHz the other night w/ NAF Atsugi wkg Ivory 89.  

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