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Logs 13-Apr-2018

4125 USB 0601: USCG Comdet Kodiak with “pan-pan” urgent marine broadcast about the USCG receiving a 406 MHz EPIRB from the fishing vessel Cascade at position 52-23.7N 172-50.1W approximately 40nm east of Atka Island. Fishing vessel described as 48 feet in length with green hull and white pilot house.  

4125 USB 0604: USCG Cutter John Midgett clg F/V Cascade.  

4125 USB 0733: F/V Defender (WDB7740) calling F/V Cascade several times with no response heard.  

4125 USB 0936: USCG Comdet Kodiak advising all stations the USCG has made contact with the F/V Cascade and confirmed they are not in distress.  

6215 USB 0438: USCG Comdet Kodiak clg F/V Defender and F/V Aleutian Beauty.  

6640 USB 0350: Delta 1354 wkg San Francisco ARINC for phone patch to company dispatcher in regards to oil leak in engine. Flight discusses issue with mechanics and the decision is eventually made to continue onto LAX. Boeing 757 from Maui to Los Angeles.  

8291 USB 0444: USCG Comdet Kodiak calling F/V Cascade (callsign WDG3257) multiple times w/ no response heard.  

Logs 12-Apr-2018

5757 USB 0247: US military interplane traffic from “Spoof” and “Flow” (sound like) talking about engagements, launching missiles, routing and approaches.  

5757 USB 0255: US military interplane traffic with “Webster” and “Filter” with casual chit chat.  

8021 USB 0232: Fishermen with southern US accents.

11215.5 USB 0205: Thug 11 and Thug 21 in comms w/ Belltown.  

Logs 6-Apr-2018

5831 USB 1542: Olympus clg Medusa radio check.  

5831 USB 1727: War Hammer calling Miser (sound like) for radio check.  

5831 USB 2126: Chiefs Den calling Icepack for radio check.  

5831 USB 2359: Icepack wkg Land Shark with comm checks, later requested another radio check in CT then both stations into ANDVT traffic.  

Logs 28-Mar-2018

4820 USB 0241: RIC sounding in ALE

5720.5 USB 0159: BOP clg KM2 in ALE

6766.5 USB 0243: SHK clg SP1 in ALE

6981 USB 0147: 61WAXDVA sounding in ALE

Logs 27-Mar-2018

6572 USB 1219: VC01 Chinese robot station w/ robotic voice rapidly reading numbers in Chinese language.

6673 USB 0142: Navy Whiskey 21 wkg San Francisco reporting good line-of-sight comms w/ LA Center on 132.150.  

8884 USB 1226: Unid aircraft in Russian language wkg unheard station.  

8893 USB 1427: Unid OMs in unknown Asian sounding language.  

Logs 16-Mar-2018

4146 USB 0333: Unid males talking about vehicle repairs. One guy was asking the other station if he could pick up a couple of belts. He mentioned a Honda dealer on 1st Avenue. 

4484 USB 0330: R7P with EAM message of 30 characters.  

4724 USB 0528: Chill 52 clg Skymaster and passing one message of 4 groups to Competent and informs that Doom is trying message traffic on 11175. Hall 72 comes up with message X6VK to Competent.  

4724 USB 0820: Reynolds with EAM messages BMBMFN, BMMGUX and by standing by for traffic.  

4724 USB 0827: Sumo 21 clg Mainsail requesting phone patch. Sumo 21 calls again, Hickam answers and informs they are “simulated destroyed” and to pass real-world traffic.

4727 USB 0839: Chill 51 clg Chill 52 for radio check.  

4738 USB 1338: VC01 Chinese robot station.

4848 USB 0322: 7HO with EAM message.

4937 USB 0410: C6D with EAM message.  

4979 USB 0445: 6Y8M5 sounding in ALE.

5154 USB 0510: Hawaiian Warrior with 30 character EAM message.  

7501 USB 0521: 5EW with EAM message of 30 characters.  

8992 USB 0555: Competent clg Fire Brat for comms check.  

Logs 7-Mar-2018

5555 USB 0633: Dom (sound like) clg Black Box multiple times.  

Logs 31-Aug-2016

11282 USB 0331: Teal 76 calling San Francisco for a radio check and informs they will be operating in the vicinity of Hurricane Madeline in the block from 5,500 to 10,000 for next 3 hours.  

11282 USB 0406: San Francisco passing SIGMET R-13 to American 161 in regards to Tropical Cyclone Madeline located 19-18N 150-18W with CB tops to FL530.  

Logs 24-Aug-2016

6761 USB 0554: Rook 26 clg Mainsail.  

6761 USB 0750: Mighty 54 Flight calling Roman 84.  

8753.4 USB 0457: Waverider 01 clg Island Tribe with operations and position report. Activity related to RIMPAC 2016 in Hawaii.

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