Logs 11-Aug-2023

8992 USB 1247Z: Sumo 25 clg Mainsail for radio check.  

11282 USB 1710Z: Torch 00 clg San Francisco Oceanic with BAART position estimate.  

11282 USB 1912Z: Crush 13 wkg San Francisco Radio with position FOOTS at 1909, FL220, estimates FLITY at 2029 and FIZEL next.  

11282 USB 2102Z: Decee 80 wkg San Francisco Radio with position HEMLO at 2102, FL280, HEKAB at 2155 and 39N 140W next. Selcal checked KMRS.  

11282 USB 2253Z: SAM 588 reporting level 340 and CPDLC to San Francisco Radio.  


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