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260.725 Bone 01

260.725 CONUS: Bone 01 calling Red River and Clear Fork for radio checks.  


260.725 Snow Plow

Station identifying as “Snow Plow” conducting radio check on 260.725.  


Suspected accidental comms from Blackhawk 371 calling Range Control.  


251.850 Spur 41

251.850 CONUS: Multiple calls from Spur 41 clg Archer Ops for radio checks.  


260.725 Jolly 42

260.725 CONUS: Jolly 42 calling Harambe Ops for satcom radio check.  


Aircraft 737 and Aircraft 766 conducting satcom voice checks on 251.850.  


USCG aircraft “2310” calling “ALC” for a radio check on 265.250 MHz.  


Brief comms from Spanish speaking station about changing from clear to secure voice. He says “Copia seguro esta en claro cambia voz de seguro” or something along those lines. Definitely does not sound like pirates. I have noted this activity on several different freqs and suspect it may be some type of military users from Latin America. If anyone has any ideas as to the user please post in comments!  

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265.250 CONUS: Station identifying as “2304” calling JIATF South. This should be a HC-144A Ocean Sentry aircraft operated by the US Coast Guard.  

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251.850 Outlaw 41

251.850 CONUS: Outlaw 41 calling Valor 77 on “Sat Echo”  


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