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261.575 CONUS: Hawk 11 calling Hawk Ops multiple times for radio check.  


Monitored a couple satcom freq with Spanish language comms.

260.725   and 268.150 stations with counts.  

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Logged a few calls on the 401 net freq 265.250 MHz in clear voice.

Coast Guard 2314 requesting radio check.  

Coast Guard 2710 calling JIATF South for radio check.  

Sheriff 67 with call to JIATF South.  

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251.850 CONUS: Unid aircraft “21” conducting radio check with another station.  


260.725 CONUS: Clear comms on CONR2 from Mighty 41 clg Red River for radio check.  


261.575 CONUS: Vegas 91 calling Jolly Ops for satcom check.  


268.150 Seaslug

268.150 active with clear voice from “Seaslug” calling “Foxtrot” on channel 37.  


260.725 CONUS: Mighty 11 and Mighty 13 calling for radio check on CONR-2.  


260.725 CONR-2 UHF Satcom Net: Tuff 41 and Tuff 42 with radio checks.  


The past couple days I have logged clear voice comms from U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Harriet Lane on 265.250 MHz.

USCGC Cutter Harriet Lane calling for radio checks.  

USCG Cutter Harriet Lane in comms w/ USCG Cutter Thetis.  

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