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262.125 SAM 41

SAM 41 calling Cactus multiple times on UHF SATCOM for signal check.


262.250 Colt 68

Colt 68 calling Joint Interagency Task Force South (SouthCom) for radio check.


262.325: Chinook 02160 calling Raven Ops for a radio check on satcom.


263.925 Cost 13

Cost 13 calling Cost 12 and Cost 11 (B-1B Lancers) and Red River for radio checks on #satcom CONR-1 & CONR-2. These guys were said to be en-route to the Middle East to conduct retaliatory strikes on Iranian-linked militia targets in Iraq and Syria.

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265.250 Bat 86

Bat 86 calling Maintenance for radio check on 265.250 MHz.


263.925 Loki 01

Aircraft identifying as what sounds like Loki 01 (or Lucky 01) calling “Test Ops” for #satcom checks in the clear.


263.925 Hydra 96

Hydra 96 (sound like) calling Red River on satcom voice.


Chinook 03750 calling Dark Horse Ops for commo check on #satcom voice 262.225 MHz. I think this is a Boeing MH-47G Chinook “04-03750” operated by US Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.


263.925 Skull 11

Skull 11 (B-52H from Barksdale AFB) calling Red River for voice radio check.


Radio checks from Aircraft 29 and Newly 14 calling Red River on 263.925.


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