261.575 Repeating Messages

From the archives: 261.575 CONUS satcom with an unknown male voice repeating, “Things did not improve to the house…I suppose you added the time…Take him to the hospital wing” and “Maybe they had to try and get a rabbit out of it…A smarter hat than me…It happened very suddenly”. Same voice also reciting “ABCDEFGHIMN” phonetically and counting “1234567890” over and over. This activity went on for a good period of time.

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  1. Nilson Cain’s avatar

    Super weird!


  2. Manila Tiger’s avatar

    Hello, thank you for your posting great receptions.
    I’m from Japan and receiving that I believe in these are UFO F4, F8, and F10.
    Howevr, I can only hear Russian pirates winthin the last over an year.
    What my very last reception was in 2020 and I wonder if transition to MUOS has completely done for all of the legacy SATCOM users.
    Can you please let me know when your very last reception of these legacy SATCOM voice communication by DoD users (of course not pirates. Pirates are on and on everyday so…)? Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your next posts!



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