263.725 Aircraft 5961 and Aircraft 5763

Multiple UHF SATCOM radio checks from Aircraft 5961 and Aircraft 5763 via the Asia-Pacific region on 263.725 MHz.


  1. Roel’s avatar

    Hi, I want to thank you for posting these logs and audio recordings so faithfully for all these years. I am subscribed to your feed in my Outlook mail and checking your posts on a regular basis. In my opinion your site is unique on the internet.

    I am curious about your receiver equipment. How do you ‘catch’ these transmissions between all the noise and enqrypted signals? Because I never hear anything when I scan these UHF Satcom channels.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. brandon’s avatar

    Hi, thank you for the kind feedback and for visiting the website over the years. I am glad you enjoy them.

    As for the receivers, right now I am using a AirSpy SDR and SDRSharp to capture the recordings. I have the MultiVFO plugin to have the WAV files saved to my computer and then go through them with a program called Ocenaudio to look for any clear signals. It’s not the easiest due to the all fo the pirates, but I usually look at the wavforms to try and spot something of interest, then I will play it back to confirm if something.

    Before the SDR days, I was using a regular scanner (Uniden BC780XLT) paired with software called ProScan to capture recordings. But the SDR method is much better since it won’t miss anything like a scanner. Just wish there was more to catch like there was 10 years ago.



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