Logs 1-Feb-2011

6750 USB 0057z: Charlie Lima clg Lima Sierra Delta. Mexican military?

4612 USB 0229z: Mexican fishermen. Could hear boat engine noise in background.

3315 USB 0237z: Analog voice scrambler.

4575 USB 0241z: US Air Force MARS Region 9 Southwest Net in progress.

5520 USB 0257z: New York wkg Swiss 23B. Airbus A330-300 en route from New York to Geneva.

4426 USB 0440z: US Coast Guard automated weather broadcast for Eastern Pacific Ocean.

4703 USB 0452z: ANDVT

4880 USB 0628z: Mexican Navy w/ Romeo Delta clg Durango “151” and wkg station in Spanish language. Each transmission was preceded by a roger beep.

5634 USB 1523z: Malaysian 6204 wkg Brisbane. Boeing 747-400 Freighter en route from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur.

5634 USB 1536z: Tana wkg ABD521. Flight operated by Air Atlanta Icelandic. Unknown route.

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