Logs 1-Jun-2013

5696 USB 0655: Coast Guard 1720 wkg CAMSLANT for radio check and said he was over Hawaii.  

5696 USB 0716: Rescue 1720 clg Sector Honolulu to secure guard and reports on final into Barbers Point.  

6673 USB 0516: Navy RD34 wkg San Francisco.  

9340 USB 0931: Canberra Control wkg Whiskey 1 Tango (barely heard) w/ radio checks.  

9340 USB 1014: Canberra Control wkg Tulu (sound like) w/ phone patch.  

11175 USB 0657: Navy RD34 wkg McClellan for phone patch to duty office. Stations have trouble hearing each other. Navy RD34 gives ETA of 20 minutes.  

11385 USB 0702: OM in Chinese language w/ repeating message groups.  

12172 USB 0925: ANDVT

13273 USB 0629: Delta 630 wkg Tokyo w/ position of 39N 160E. Told to contact San Francisco at the FIR boundary on 17946 or 21925 secondary. Boeing 747-400 from Nagoya to Detroit.  

13282 USB 0520: Auckland volmet  

13750 USB 0501: Chinese V13 numbers station w/ 4 figure groups.

14383.5 USB 1807: NNN0JAD wkg unheard station.  

20160 LSB 0420: ABJECT calling AFFECT in ALE.

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