Logs 10-Aug-2010

8903 USB 0520z: N664D wkg Kinshasa (not heard). Canadair Challenger 604 registered to World Mission Agency International.

8903 USB 0525z: Mike November Bravo 1923 clg Kano several times but no response heard. This is an Airbus A300 operated by MNG Airlines. En route from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea to Chalons, France.

6586 USB 0539z: JetBlue 701 wkg New York. Airbus A320. New York JFK to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

5555 USB 1205z: Fishermen. USA accented males.

5574 USB 1215z: Connie 368 wkg San Francisco. Selcal JLBS. Boeing 747-200. N713CK. Los Angeles to Honolulu.

5667 USB 1328z: Korean Air 011 wkg Tokyo. Selcal ASGP. Boeing 747-400. HL7404. Seoul to Los Angeles.

5643 USB 1328z: Pacific 822 wkg Nadi w/ position. Boeing 737-700. Nadi to Honolulu via Christmas Island.

5667 USB 1344: Philippine 117 wkg Tokyo. Selcal LSER. Airbus A340-300. RP-C3434. Vancouver to Manila.

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