Logs 10-Mar-2023

5857.5 USB 1351Z: HLL2 Seoul-South Korea meteorological radio from the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) with weather and maritime information in Chinese.  

9310 USB 1405Z: Russian military beacon with a continuous loop of “The Red Army Is the Strongest” by Alexandrov Ensemble. Most likely originating from eastern Russia based on signal strength and time of day received.  

11282 USB 2040Z: Elvis 46 checking in with San Francisco Radio reporting at FL340, CPDLC and requesting selcal check on EQLS.  

11282 USB 2123Z: Mash 72 requesting radio check from San Francisco Radio. Requested a selcal check on JSKM.  

11282 USB 2136Z: Teal 71 wkg San Francisco with position report 30-57N 121-57W at 2134, FL300, estimates 29N 126W at 2229 and 26-51N 129-48W next.  

11282 USB 2230Z: Reach 7041 with San Francisco for radio check.  

11282 USB 2357Z: Otis 82 calling San Francisco for radio check and requesting their oceanic clearance.  


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