Logs 11-Apr-2011

12172 USB 0832z: Mike Uniform wkg Australia Control requests green then into ANDVT.

12172 USB 1058z: Unknown aircraft (?? 27) wkg Australia Control w/ flight status and request selcal check.

7864 LSB 1407z: VC01 Chinese robot station.

11396 USB 1410z: Mihin Lanka 604 wkg Jakarta. Selcal FRBQ. Airbus A321. 4R-MRC. Jakarta to Colombo.  

11396 USB 1417z: Qantas 42 wkg Jakarta. Selcal EJMS. Airbus A330-300. VH-QPB. Jakarta to Sydney.

11396 USB 1418z: Qantas 10 wkg Jakarta. Airbus A380 en route Singapore to Melbourne.

11396 USB 1458z: Singapore 227 wkg Jakarta. Selcal BPGR. Airbus A380. 9V-SKH. Singapore to Melbourne.

11175 USB 1620z: Cougar 24 clg Mainsail w/ no response heard.

15867 USB 1724z: Coast Guard 1716 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 28.08N 081.54W.

15867 USB 1947z: Foxtrot 41 wkg CAMSLANT w/ flight ops 27.39N 97.09W.

8912 USB 2028z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 38.45N 121.36W.  


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