Logs 11-Nov-2010

4737.4 USB 0028z: SL 120 wkg 9701 ATLS and Caw 1 asking about overnight plans.

15867 USB 1422z: Omaha 2CC clg Hammer, then into Parkhill encrypted voice.

18594 USB 1619z: Foxtrot 35 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 26.53N 096.52W.

18594 USB 1629z: Juliet 42 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 20.35N 073.44W.

5693 USB 1701z: USCGC Aspen wkg USCGC Boutwell w/ position of 35.34N 121.40W course 329 at 7.5 knots. USCGC Boutwell reports at 35.27N 122.12W course 327 at 8.6 knots.

7527 USB 1846z: Coast Guard 1712 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 38.52N 121.46W.

18594 USB 1932z: Hammer wkg Omaha 63Y for radio check.

7527 USB 2009z: CAMSPAC wkg Coast Guard 1712 for flight ops report. Coast Guard 1712 advises on deck at CGAS Sacramento for crew swap.

18594 USB 2307z: Juliet 33 wkg Zulu 29 (Sector San Diego) w/ ops normal and position 34.13N 116.53W.

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