Logs 15-Apr-2023

8906 USB 0545Z: VCV3770 wkg New York Radio with position estimates 29N 55W at 0614, FL330, 38N 50W at 0727, 45N 45W next. This is an Airbus A340-600 operated by the Venezuelan airline Conviasa en route from Caracas to Moscow.  

8992 USB 0339Z: Air Force One calling for signal check. Very weak here in California, but definitely there in the noise. Boeing VC-25A with President Biden returning from Ireland.  

8992 USB 0431Z: Compound clg Mainsail w/ communications test.  

9007 USB 0508Z: Rescue 338 wkg Trenton Military requesting phone patch to RCC. Rescue 338 reports strongest signal near Winkler Manitoba and going to descend lower to investigate further – possibly an ELT? Trenton Military confirming with Rescue 338 to send message to RCC if they see any signs of distress in the Winkler area.  

11175 USB 1224Z: Billy Boy with EAM message 6SR7RE and 6SNCYF for Tango Force.  

11175 USB 1305Z: Hickam and Yokota conducting test counts.  

11175 USB 1341Z: Aircraft 1035 clg Red River and Mainsail for radio checks; gets answered by Aircraft 56 who reports lima charlie.  

11175 USB 2215Z: United 1948 clg Mainsail for HF radio check. This was a civilian aircraft – United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9 en route from Cancun to San Francisco.  


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