Logs 17-Feb-2011

7527 USB 0031z: Sector St Pete wkg Coast Guard 6082 for ops report.

13173 USB 0126z: Male/male comms in Russian language.

4000 USB 0130z: NNN0WQG wkg NNN0UET and NNN0PHC in Navy MARS net.

4464.5 USB 0132z: AFF6AR announcing to stand by for another MT63 practice message, then followed by digital data.

4469 USB 0133z: Florida Civil Air Patrol net w/ station taking check-ins from Region 5 and Region 6.

13261 USB 0136z: Convoy 3065 wkg San Francisco w/ position 05N 157W 0135 at FL250. Estimates 10N 157W at 0242, 15N 158W next.

13300 USB 0137z: Hawaiian 455 wkg San Francisco w/ position report. Boeing 767-300 en route from Honolulu to Manila.

12359 USB 0139z: Man talking about spending time in Hawaii and the possibility of heading down to Fiji. Another guy said he had about 600 miles to go until reaching the Galapagos and he planned to spend several weeks there until heading over to Easter Island.

8894 USB 0148z: Springbok 237 wkg Niamey w/ position and selcal check for QSBJ. Airbus A340-200. ZS-SLC. London to Johannesburg.

8894 USB 0151z: Algiers wkg Air France 6861. Boeing 747-400 Freighter en route from Port Harcourt, Nigeria to Paris, France.

13224.2 USB 0209z: Redhook 17 wkg Pipeline advise they are RTB w/ ETA of 30 mikes.

13224.2 USB 0217z: Waverider 18 wkg Pipeline for radio check and requests they kick green followed by ANDVT bursts.

8840 USB 0301z: Fishermen w/ southern USA accents. One guy used CB type lingo “come back” following each of his transmissions.

6203 USB 0742z: Male/male simplex comms in Japanese language.

5360 USB 0745z: Sailor CRY2001 analog voice scrambled comms.

11282 USB 2138z: Convoy 2469 wkg San Francisco to confirm oceanic route and selcal check on BRHM. Gulfstream C-20. 165093. En route from Fallon Naval Air Station to Kaneohe Bay MCAS Airport.

13231 USB 2149z: Gray Knight 802 wkg Habitat and inquires about letter designator for uniform freq.

8971 USB 2328z: Pelican (??) wkg Fiddle request they kick green followed by ANDVT.


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