Logs 20-May-2023

11121 USB 0120Z: MARSCOMM West with chiefs headquarters message with reminder to keep contact info up-to-date, info about Air Force MARS 75th Anniversary special event station. The message then went on to discuss some bugs that were found in the NODS system during the recent Air Force Mars Blue exercise. The message concluded by announcing that the Air Force MARS will be attending the Ambition event with a booth. They will have VHF capability and will be monitoring BST-1.  

17946 USB 0455Z: Hercules 26 wkg San Francisco Radio with position report 55N 151-01W at time 0454, FL250, estimates ODK at 0523 and KODNE next. They were instructed to contact Anchorage on 132.65 once 100nm from ODK. The radio in use by San Francisco sounds like it’s on its last leg 😐  


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