Logs 21-Apr-2023

4125 LSB 0134Z: Unid OM and YL with casual chit chat in Spanish language.  

9502 USB 0340Z: J4A with EAM message LXY4OT.  

10281 USB 0340Z: M6Z with EAM message LXY4OT.  

11175 USB 0020Z: Abba 84 with one message of 4 items “VSA2” to Lord Ship.  

11175 USB 0028Z: Skull 71 with one message of 4 items “O1Y6” to Lord Ship.  

11175 USB 0046Z: Skull 72 with message relays of 6 groups LXB6HK, E4UURO and LXSJF2 to Skymaster.  

11175 USB 0049Z: Abba 83 one message of 4 items “9W34” to Skymaster. Station sounded a bit off frequency.  

11175 USB 0050Z: Fandango with EAM messages LXY4OT, LX55AZ and LXNK2C to all stations.  

11282 USB 2059Z: Convoy 3837 wkg San Francisco Radio with position reporting DINTY at 2058, FL170, estimates DUETS at 2120 and DADIE next.  

11539 USB 0248Z: M9Q with EAM message LX55AZ.  

13895 USB 0313Z: I2T with EAM messages E4UURO, LX55AZ, LXNK2C, LXSJF2, LXY4OT and LX53R3.  

16117 USB 0241Z: J4A with EAM message LXMMAZ.  


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