Logs 21-Feb-2011

6761 USB 0525z: Turbo 01 wkg Reach 1602 and stations exchange flight data.

8000 USB 2043z: Bloodhound 701 wkg Surveillance for radio check.

8000 USB 2053z: Bloodhound 300 wkg Surveillance for HF radio check on secondary.

8000 USB 2153z: Bloodhound 300 wkg Surveillance w/ tracking info for container ship Ever Dyanamic. 300 informs Surveillance that vessel has 20 persons on board and destination is Hong Kong.

8000 USB 2158z: 442 wkg Surveillance passing report for 3 contacts. First contact position 30.39N 123.07N heading 069 at 20 knots vessel name Jean Anne. Second contact is 30.12N 122.26W heading 314 at 11.7 knots vessel name Alpine Light. Third vessel contact is the APL Tourma and located 30.32N 123.13W heading 303 at 20knots.


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