Logs 22-Mar-2011

12222 USB 0115z: Juliet 26 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 30.28N 087.58W.

4146 USB 0315z: WDE9528 wkg unheard station. Personal chit chat and talking about SailMail stations.

6640 USB 0344z: Air Transport 104 wkg San Francisco. Flight advised they were entering uncontrolled airspace in the Pacific and would need reports sent to their company for about half an hour. Requested selcal check on GKFL. Douglas DC-8-72. N721CX. En route from Honolulu to Lima, Peru. (Flight originated from Yokota AB, Japan)

4065 USB 0354z: Tadiran HF-2000 voice scrambled comms.

4149 USB 0434z: Foss Maritime tug “Sandra” WYL4908 wkg another vessel (signal too weak). Talked about moving barges and how he was having problems with his sat phone. Gave mention to several locations in southeast Alaska including Dixon, Snow Pass and Sitka.  

5696 USB 0505z: Coast Guard 6014 wkg CommSta Kodiak reporting ops normal and position 57.45N 152.18W. Kodiak also clg Coast Guard 1790 but no response heard.  

4235 USB 0531z: RAF volmet with robotic YL voice. Very weak.

4153 USB 0626z: CAMSLANT wkg USCGC Eagle (not heard) for their whiskey figures, course and speed.  

4125 USB 0754z: WDC9138 wkg KWL38 w/ position of 58.46N 151W and reported on weather and sea conditions.  

5696 USB 1323z: Cutter Monru wkg “169” followed by “23133” (about 10 min later). Could not hear the other players.  

10588 USB 1433z: WGY908 wkg WGY947 in QSO about grass fires near Boulder, Colorado.  

10255 USB 1601z: Vietnamese numbers station. YL voice transmitting 5 figure number groups.

14582 USB 2047z: Sector St Petersburg clg Coast Guard 6024 w/ no joy.

18594 USB 2052z: CAMSLANT wkg Coast Guard 1502 for ops and position.

7527 USB 2358z: Rescue 1714 secures guard w/ CAMSPAC and informs they are en route for SAR mission off the coast of Baja.  


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