Logs 22-May-2012

6632.5 USB 0712: Omni 17 wkg Kalamar (sound like) w/ inquiry about status of helicopters. Omni 17 also reports bravo alpha due to fuel and passes message of BL456ERAGRR.  

8440 USB 0630: Alpha Xray wkg Alpha Bravo; Alpha Xray to investigate submarine contact.  

8440 USB 1121: India wkg Alpha Bravo w/positions of submarine/periscope contact.  

11235 USB 0424: Airforce Auckland wkg Kiwi 931 to pass WX info.

11494 USB 1656: Rescue 1714 wkg Camspac and reports on scene at South Lake Tahoe for SAR case.  

15867 USB 0127: Omaha 5MR checks in w/ Xray 950 on west node.  


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