Logs 25-Sep-2012

5732 USB 1600: Omaha 718 calling X-ray 950 for hotel fox radio check.  

11175 USB 0308: Navy Echo Golf 18 in comms with Offutt and attempting phone patch to Pipeline. Navy Echo Golf 18 identifies as Dragonclaw 18. Phone patch ends unexpectedly, busy signal on call back and Navy Echo Golf 18 will try back later.

11175 USB 0315: Offutt giving ARINC freqs to Aircraft 717 for New York Radio.

11175 USB 0356: Otis 17 wkg Hickam for phone patch to 17th OWS and requesting weather for PHNL, PHOG, KSUU and KTCM.  

11175 USB 2052: Umbra 11 calling Mainsail for HF radio check.  


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