Logs 27-Oct-2010

11175 USB 1440z: Hickam HFGCS station w/ EAM message VRQBYV.

11175 USB 1447z: Offutt HFGCS station w/ EAM message VRZVRZ.

11175 USB 1520z: Akela 96 clg Andrews Global for radio check.

11175 USB 1551z: Skull 31 wkg Andrews reports ops normal, negative relay.

5732 USB 1551z: Juliet 32 wkg Zulu 29 reporting ops normal and position 34.27N 120.11W.

5732 USB 1701z: USCGC Morgenthau wkg CAMSPAC for radio check. Both report loud and clear.

7527 USB 1847z: Coast Guard 1707 secures guard w/ CAMSPAC reporting airborne w/ 11 POB for 2 hour trainer.

5732 USB 1930z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC reporting on deck at San Nicolas Island and to temporarily suspend their guard.

10242 USB 2041z: Coast Guard 1707 wkg CAMSPAC w/ flight ops and position 38.15N 133.24W.

5732 USB 2058z: Coast Guard 1703 resumes guard w/ CAMSPAC airborne from San Nicolas Island to Pt Mugu.

14582 USB 2156z: Juliet 32 wkg Zulu 29 w/ position of 33.57N 117.38W and has 30 minute ETA back to Sector.

5732 USB 2324z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC reports on final to CGAS Sacramento.

11494 USB 2334z: Coast Guard 1502 wkg CAMSLANT w/ position 29.52N 082.14W.


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