Logs 28-Jun-2011

11175 USB 0556z: Hemp 21 Flight asking for HF radio check. Hemp 22 and McClellan both answer and report lima charlie. Additional radio checks follow.  

11175 USB 1807z: Raider 12 wkg McClellan for HF radio check. McClellan advised simulated mission destroyed (?) and signal was 4 by 5.  

11175 USB 1821z: Aggregate with EAM message WCPC3Q and WCCH3Y and standing by for traffic.

11175 USB 1858z: Hern 02 clg any station and relay EAM message traffic WCQJI.  

11175 USB 1912z: Quote 02 clg Skymaster and pass message 3XEN. Aggregate acknowledges they are in receipt of message 3XEN. S4JG also heard clg McClellan and is told to QSY to 11220.  

12222 USB 2359z: Juliet 33 wkg Sector San Diego for radio check. Said they would head back to Ch 127 but keep HF as secondary should they lose comms on VHF.  

18594 USB 2104z: CAMSPAC wkg Coast Guard 1714 for ops and position.

20890 USB 2353z: Shell 01 secures guard with Kokomo reports on deck at CGAS Clearwater.  

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