Logs 3-Jun-2010

11330 USB 0229z: Southern Air 532 wkg San Francisco. Selcal JKCM. Boeing 747-200. N704SA. Anchorage to Los Angeles.

8974 USB 0503z: Kiwi 452 wkg Air Force Auckland. Caught tail end of comms but mentioned something about Kilo Oscar 2 on Delta Yankee Zulu.

8843 USB 0508z: N32PA wkg San Francisco w/ position. Learjet 35 registered to Phoenix Air Group. Brown Field to Honolulu.

8867 USB 0508z: Unid aircraft wkg Tahiti Radio in French.

8164 USB 0510z: Simplex comms w/ OM’s and YL in English. Possible boaters and mentioned Hawaii several times.

6735 USB 0518z: Unid military a/c wkg Mojo tracking airborne target.

6586 USB 0711z: Air Canada 091 wkg New York. Selcal HJAL. Boeing 767-300. C-FCAF. São Paulo to Toronto.

15867 USB 1927z: CG 6001 wkg CAMSPAC for radio check on HF ALE.

15867 USB 2101z: CG 1712 clg CAMSPAC in the red, then followed by ANDVT traffic.

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