Logs 30-Sep-2011

4356.5 USB 0540z: Fishermen talking about spinal tapping and bleeding fish.  

4575 USB 0156z: AFA9LL net control station closing 9S1 MARS net.

4624 USB 0455z: US Navy tracking net w/ Thunder, Echo, Golf, Romeo and Golf Foxtrot in comms.

4741.5 LSB 0448z: Males in English. Suspect fishermen.

6640 USB 0207z: Air Canada 814 wkg New York Radio for medical p/p regarding passenger w/ abdominal pains. Boeing 767-300 from Toronto to Barcelona.

6644 USB 0341z: Males in unknown language. One station had terrible audio and sounded like they were talking underwater.  

6767 USB 1220z: Males in Russian language.

7527 USB 1029z: Rescue 1720 wkg Sector Charleston advising that 6019 will RTB in one hour.  

8915 USB 0224z: United 703 wkg San Francisco Radio. Boeing 757-200 from Los Angeles to Kona.  

8915 USB 0232z: Alaska 894 wkg San Francisco Radio. Boeing 737-800 from Kona to San Jose.  

8915 USB 0237z: Hawaiian 18 wkg San Francisco Radio. Airbus A330-200 from Honolulu to Las Vegas.  

10179.5 USB 1654z: SAPPER clg BANSHEE in ALE followed by ANDVT comms.

10179.5 USB 2209z: HAWTHORNE clg SAPPER in ALE followed by ANDVT comms.

11175 USB 0104z: Raider 23 wkg Offutt for p/p to Whidbey Island weather.


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