Air Force 1 to South Korea

With President Obama heading over to South Korea for an international nuclear summit I figured it would be a good opportunity to try and catch Air Force 1 on the MWARA HF frequencies. Not knowing their exact route it was the matter of guessing on the frequencies to monitor, therefore I parked radios on 5667 kHz for Tokyo Radio and another on 6655 kHz for San Francisco Radio and hoped for the best.

Well….Got lucky this time around! Just before 1400 UTC Air Force 1 came up on 6655 kHz USB to give position and request selcal check from San Francisco Radio. He reported CPDLC on R580 at FL320 with a destination of RKSO (Osan Air Base). At 165E they would be handed over to Tokyo Radio, however by this time the sun was rising and reception to the far east was beginning to diminish.

Here is the recording of Air Force 1 and San Francisco Radio in comms.  

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  1. Simon’s avatar

    Nice! Good catch. 🙂


  2. E-Man’s avatar

    Great catch! And excellent audio


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