Logs 14-Apr-2011

10242 USB 0113z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 18.42N 105.54W.

5696 USB 0433z: CommSta Kodiak wkg Coast Guard 6512. Flight w/ 04 POB departed Dutch Harbor en route to Alex Haley (poss. USCG Cutter Alex Haley).  

11494 USB 0447z: Coast Guard 1703 wkg CAMSPAC w/ position 13.19N 090.43W.

5696 USB 0538z: Coast Guard 1717 clg CAMSPAC several times w/ no response heard.

15867 USB 1815z: CAMSPAC wkg Juliet 11 for flight ops and position.

18594 USB 1953z: Coast Guard 1708 informs Sector Key West they will switch to 10 megs in the green.

18594 USB 2306z: Coast Guard 1708 wkg Sector Key West w/ ops normal report and position 210 degrees @ 213 nautical miles from Raymeer (?).  

20890 USB 2347z: Coast Guard 1716 wkg CAMSLANT departed CGAS Clearwater w/ 08 POB for local trainer.


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