Logs 14-Feb-2012

6640 USB 0403: Alaska 867 wkg San Francisco ARINC for medlink phone patch.

6828.4 USB 0336: Abnormal 10 (Western Test Range, Vandenberg AFB, CA) conducting test counts.  

6939 USB 0342: Odd sounding/warbling tones. Bad transmitter from pirate station?  

7527 USB 1746: Juliet 29 wkg CAMSPAC reporting flight ops normal and position of 34-09N 115-34W.

11175 USB 2025: Gofer 02 wkg Offutt for phone patch to Travis Metro. Gofer 02 requests updated weather for Travis AFB at 2300 zulu.

11282 USB 2317: Challenger C-FSCI wkg San Francisco Radio w/ position report. Handed off to LA Center on 132.150. Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 owned by Shaw Communications.  

16418 USB 2220: Simplex comms w/ male in Tagalog language.


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