Logs 15-Feb-2012

8078 USB 2140: Blacklist Actual wkg Dark Cloud Actual w/ radio checks. Blacklist inquires if they have established comms w/ Green Hand and instructs Dark Cloud to continue w/ radio checks every 20 minutes.  

8780 USB 2309: Roller 78 clg Roller Ops w/ no joy.

8912 USB 1013: Coast Guard 1703 wkg Kokomo advising they will be operating between 00-53S 098-46W and Acapulco on a distress transit and wanted to know if they had other assets operating in the area.  

8912 USB 2125: Coast Guard 1702 wkg CAMSPAC Pt Reyes for radio check.

8992 USB 1726: King 66 wkg Offutt for DSN phone patch to Moffett Rescue regarding maintenance issue.  

13224.1 USB 1846: Pipeline wkg Waverider 11.

13312 USB 2357: Coast Guard 1711 wkg CAMSLANT reports on final into CGAS Clearwater. CAMSLANT secures guard at minute 58.  

18594 USB 1713: Rescue 1703 wkg CAMSPAC at position 05-37N 99-33W.  

18594 USB 2300: Juliet 18 wkg CAMSLANT for radio check.


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