Logs 16-Apr-2023

11175 USB 0039Z: United 519 clg Mainsail for HF radio check. Boeing 737-800 from Reagan National to San Francisco.  

11282 USB 1733Z: Canto 81 wkg San Francisco Radio with report at FL280, estimates BAART at 1821 and BARAZ next. Flight en route to Kalaeloa Airport and negative selcal.  

11282 USB 1843Z: Convoy 3780 w/ position to San Francisco Radio – reports FICKY at 1839, FL180, estimates FOOTS at 1903 and FLITY next. Departed North Island en route to Kalaeloa Airport.  

17431 USB 0205Z: Russian V07 numbers station with 5-figure groups in Spanish language.  


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