Logs 17-Apr-2023

9031 USB 0128Z: Dice Game and Hail Storm conducting radio checks and coordination for sending HF data.  

9031 USB 0133Z: Hail Storm clg Terrific for radio checks in both clear and secure voice.  

11175 USB 0031Z: Reach 4205 clg Mainsail for radio check.  

11175 USB 0147Z: Town 28 clg Fire Boat with NEREP EV0280230/KMIBJJ// and Town 25 with NEREP EV0250400/KMIBX8T// to Depot.  

11175 USB 0307Z: Demi Control (sound like) with EAM message PCLI76. Another EAM in progress from a much weaker station.  

11175 USB 1533Z: Kabal 61 w/ radio check.  

11175 USB 1606Z: Pugilism clg Days End requesting to enter the net followed by authentication challenge.  

11175 USB 1613Z: Hail Storm clg Pugilism requesting they meet on the “Charlie Echo” freq (9031 kHz).  

11175 USB 1659Z: Dragon 81 clg Mainsail for comm check.  

11282 USB 1831Z: Happy 21 wkg San Francisco Radio for selcal check on KLQS.  

11282 USB 1959Z: Kabal 61 wkg San Francisco Radio with position report and selcal check JPCD. Kabal 63 also in comms with San Francisco Radio for selcal check on HLCR.  

17946 USB 0430Z: San Francisco in comms w/ Japan Air 407, Cathay 097, Japan Air 43, Korean Air 073, All Nippon 223, Japan Air 65, Zippy 23 among others. Could also hear Tokyo Radio in comms with several flights. We definitely had a noticeable increase in HF activity from aircraft in the West Pacific region due to the Inmarsat-4 F1 satellite outage.  


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