Logs 2-Sep-2010

10024 USB 0102z: Lan Chile 622 wkg Cenamer Radio. Boeing 767-300. Santiago to Mexico City.

8918 USB 0149z New York wkg NOAA 43 w/ clearance to destination airport KMCF. Lockheed WP-3D operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Flight was participating in Hurricane Earl weather reconnaissance mission.

4514.7 LSB 0538z: Fishermen. Talk about Yellowfin and Marlin.

4495 USB 0542z: Males in Spanish. Users had roger beeps when they transmit.

13231 USB 0737z: Unclouded wkg Charlie Delta 765 (sound like) request they kick green, then into ANDVT comms.

11396 USB 1445z: Singapore 227 wkg Ujung Pandang. Selcal check on BPHS. Airbus A380. 9V-SKI. Singapore to Melbourne.

11396 USB 1501z: Biscayne 650 w/ position report to Ujung Pandang. Selcal FSDQ. Boeing 737-800. N733MA. Jakarta to Guam.

5732 USB 2140z: CG 1718 wkg Kokomo reporting ops normal and position of 35.48N 119.15W at FL220.

5909.5 USB 2349z: CG 6041 wkg Sector San Diego w/ ops and position. Sector San Diego was unable to copy position and requests they come up on 118 secure.

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