Logs 28-Sep-2012

5715.4 USB 1425: Unid stations with ANDVT comms.

6640 USB 1400: San Francisco providing phone patch to Air Canada 064 in regards to a passenger on board with medical condition. Stations discussed the possibly of diverting to Anchorage, but decide to continue on to Vancouver as scheduled.  

8164 USB 0312: Males in English suspect boaters with talk about weather.

8992 USB 0158: Reach 1001 wkg Offutt for phone patch. Reach 1001 en route from Hickam and wanted to confirm lodging reservations.  

10750 LSB 0218: Males in Spanish language and were reciting a bunch of numbers.  

11175 USB 0226: Offutt providing phone patch for Reach 804.

11494 USB 2146: Panther calling Coast Guard 1702 for radio check.  

11500 USB 2056: Harris AVS scrambled comms.

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