Logs 29-Sep-2012

5616 USB 0627: Shanwick wkg N508QS. Gulfstream V en route from San Jose to Venice.  

5616 USB 0634: Shanwick wkg N700GX. Bombardier Global Express en route from Hollywood FL to Marseille.

5700.4 USB 0730: Primetime, Redhook and Habitat with exercise comms.  

5909.5 USB 1618: Coast Guard 1708 wkg Camspac advising no joy on SVN-A and requests comm check on ALE secure. ANDVT followed but stations were no joy.

7527 USB 1649: Coast Guard 1708 asking Camspac to relay to District 11 that they are unable to get below cloud cover and will only be able to do radar search.

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