HF Volmet Broadcasts

Ever tuned the HF aeronautical bands and stumbled across automated voice broadcasting weather info for various cities? If so, then you most likely heard a VOLMET station. VOLMET, or meteorological information for aircraft in flight, is the term applied to a worldwide network of radio stations that broadcast TAF, SIGMET and METAR reports on shortwave frequencies. In addition to helping pilots find weather at airports, these stations are a great resource for SWL listeners to check propagation conditions to various parts of the world.

Posted below is my collection of audio clips for Volmet stations that have been monitored at my location in Southern California.

5505 kHz – Shannon Volmet  

5673 kHz – Guangzhou Volmet  

6604 kHz – New York Volmet  

6676 kHz – Australian Volmet  

6676 kHz – Bangkok Volmet  

6676 kHz – Singapore Volmet  

6679 kHz – Auckland Volmet  

6679 kHz – Hong Kong Volmet  

6679 kHz – Honolulu Volmet  

6679 kHz – Tokyo Volmet  

6754 kHz – Trenton Military Volmet  

10051 kHz – Gander Volmet  

See the DX Info Centre for a complete list of frequencies and schedules for VOLMET stations.

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